Archive for June 9th, 2009

While on a business trip up to Minneapolis, I had a free weekend. Having done all of the nearby state highpoints, I decided to find some other interesting site to visit. I drove up to Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River. At the outlet of the lake, there are a series of rocks across the outlet stream, otherwise known as the Mississippi River, so you can quite literally walk (well, rock-hop) across the Mississippi at that point. I shot a panorama from one of the rocks in the stream.

A little ways downstream, there is a log bridge for those not quite so venturesome as to hop across a bunch of slick rocks. I shot a second panorama from the bridge. If you look upstream in that pan, you can see some people making their way across the rocks. In warmer weather, you could easily wade back across that small pool between the rocks and the bridge.